Lucas Hugh

Anjhe Mules, Founder, Lucas Hugh, Brand of Tomorrow 2012

Creative Director Anjhe Mules founded the label in July 2010, with the concept of incorporating high fashion ready-to-wear into technical athletic-wear. Born in New Zealand, Anjhe studied at Massey University Fashion College.

After graduating she moved to New York before settling in London. A former swimwear designer and Alexander McQueen intern, Mules trained with some of fashions most influential designers.

Season to season Lucas Hugh collections remain true to these values, redefining performance wear by artfully spinning sports functionality into sophisticated tailoring with a high fashion look.

“Launching a technical sports brand took two years of research and development – sourcing, developing testing and detailing. It was not an overnight decision but one I planned carefully. Having had a small business in my early twenties, I knew what was involved and the challenges I would face. My idea was original – to create a high-performance womenswear product that was tailored enough to transition through the day and into the night. Nine years in and I realise it’s the daily challenges that come from innovation that excite me and drive the business forward. It’s a very very tough work out – but so rewarding at the end”.

Three pieces of advice on how to be a successful luxury entrepreneur?

Value the people who get it. I believe hugely in the value of the people on our team; without them, you are unable to deliver excellence and enjoy every day reaching it.

Never be complacent – it is easy to get excited by early success, but I believe it’s critical to focus on a broader goal to constantly be ahead of the curve.

Just like in sport I believe you need to stay focused on improving your personal best to dominate your competition.

Most important lessons learned?

Patience is everything. Whether it’s achieving a perfectly constructed legging or finding the right person to fill a position – you can’t rush it.

Always trust your instincts, they are what got you here in the first place.

Know your weaknesses. You can’t do it all, an essential part of building a business is knowing when to ask for help.

What are the watch outs along the way?

Watch out for the naysayers. There will be people along the way – particularly if you are a woman – who will try to tell you that you aren’t good enough. Bypass these people.

Who is your biggest inspiration and what did they say that helped you to be a success?

Tony Robbins – “unleash the power within!”