Noble Isle

Katy Simpson, Founder, Noble Isle, Brand of Tomorrow 2016

Noble Isle was founded in 2011 with an ambition to create a quintessentially British brand. Shunning the ordinary in favour of the original, Noble Isle combines the finest fragrance and natural extracts with the best of design to create a luxurious collection of unisex bath, body and home fragrance products.

“Starting off my career in the fashion industry (Monsoon, Oasis and Georgio Armani) I moved from garments to accessories, gift sets and fragrance which was where my true creativity started flowing. Since I was very young I have always loved fragrance, packaging and making things look and smell beautiful. I joined Molton Brown in 2000 and headed up the product development team for eight years working with the founder – who is my mentor and dear friend to this day. From there I consulted with Miller Harris, set up a Croatian spa brand before finally creating Noble Isle”.

In order to be a successful luxury entrepreneur what are three pieces of advice you would give?

First and foremost – you need an excellent product, then always be consistent in everything you do with the brand and choose your partners strategically and wisely.

What are the most important lessons you have learned along your journey?

Not to run before you can walk. A great brand takes time to establish and you and your team need to be ready (manpower and financial resources) to go into certain arenas and be successful.

What are the watch outs along the way?

Launching a brand in the market place is like a chess game so choose your partners carefully – make sure your partners share similar ethos and synergy – a bad partnership can change people’s perception of the brand that you have been working so hard on building.

When you were started out who was your biggest inspiration? And what did they tell you that helped make you a success?

My former boss, who was the founder of a well known British brand taught me so much and inspired me to create the best product I can. She is a perfectionist and doesn’t accept second best, she works relentlessly to create an outstanding product with much attention to detail. This has certainly rubbed off on me!