Fiona Livingston, Founder, Studiofibre, Walpole Member

As a young child Fiona would spend hours drawing and painting at home. During her school days she formed part of work-experience group that created a massive mural to decorate Bristol train station and knew that a career in art and design was her calling.

Having spent six years as Creative Director of a commercial interior design company, Fiona founded her own design consultancy ‘Fibre’ in 2002.  She particularly loved working with luxury brands and, upon meeting her architect husband Ian, it was a natural step to launch a business together.

Studiofibre was born in 2007 and Fiona pitched and won a global Net-A-Porter design project, putting Studiofibre on the map in the luxury sector.

Studiofibre is a multi-disciplined design company based in the Chiltern hills, just outside London. Established in 2007 by Fiona and Ian Livingston, and benefitting from their diverse creative experience (with combined career paths giving over 30 years experience in the design industry), Studiofibre is today a vibrant, evolving design studio with a portfolio of projects that encompass a broad range of sectors.

In order to be a successful luxury entrepreneur what are three pieces of advice you would give?

You need to have total conviction in what you are doing if you expect others to believe in you.

Take calculated risks – you will never achieve your maximum potential otherwise.

Don’t let the opinions of others override your own intuition.

What are the most important lessons you have learned along your journey?

Compartmentalising helps me focus. I try to keep different aspects of my life / work in boxes and keep them shut until I need to open them!

Build strong relationships with clients. Trust and open communications mean that any challenges can be solved collaboratively.

Positive thinking is extremely powerful. Put your heart and soul into being the best you can and pass on the positives to your team.

Quality is more important than quantity. ”Life’s not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away” Anonymous

What are the watch outs along the way?

Be a specialist.  Stick to what you do best – don’t try to be all things to all people or diversify too early.

Don’t listen to the self-doubt devil in your head – put him in a box and keep it shut!

Don’t be shy about promoting yourself.

When you were started out who was your biggest inspiration? And what did they tell you that helped make you a success?

Natalie Massenet. We worked closely with her developing the design language and interiors for all the Net-A-Porter spaces globally. She taught me a lot about the power of creative visualisation.