Balthazar Fabricius, Founder, Fitzdares

Fitzdares was founded in 2005 to re-invent old fashioned principles of service and discretion for the discerning gambler.

“When you work on your business plan and begin you are fearless. You have nothing to lose. It is when it starts to take off, you perhaps employ more people, you create ripples of excitement, you turn heads in the industry… That is when the fear of God is put into you, because now you have something to lose! Employees are dependent on you, your backers think you are the second coming, heavens above you have a reputation to maintain! A conversation about exit before you even start will help define a clear strategy and manage pressure you put on yourself”.

In order to be a successful luxury entrepreneur what are three pieces of advice you would give?

“Employ attitude, train skill. You cannot do it the other way around.” A mantra I was taught at Cranfield which has stayed with me ever since.

Never compromise on quality. Having a strong brand guardian is key.

You never get a second chance to create a good first impression.

What are the most important lessons you have learned along your journey?

Invest in technology.

Invest in people.

Stick to your convictions and trust your instincts.

What are the watch outs along the way?

Don’t let standards slip.

Strong fiscal management – timely budgeting, fierce control of costs.

Keep putting yourself out there. Over time one can start to become a hermit. Be open!

When you were started out who was your biggest inspiration? And what did they tell you that helped make you a success?

Stefano Arata. Lucia van der Post introduced us and he has been our Creative Director since the beginning. I know I’ll look back in time on it being one of the most rewarding working relationships and friendships of my life. He has a wealth of experience, remains consistently ahead of the curve, and has a passion and sense of humour which is completely unique.